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UV Tanning Beds
Sundash Competition 232GF:

The 232GFperforms its duties in a maximum of 15 minutes and features 32 120 watt Genesis System lamps. There are 16 lamps in both the canopy and the base. The 232GF features the exclusive Facial and Upper Body Intensifier. This concentrates additional tanning output in the entire region of the face, neck and shoulders with minimal heat. This model is also equipped with a fully integrated body cooling fan. We also have a 226GF model that features 26 120 watt Genisis System lamps with facial lamps and a 20 minute maximum session.   Choice of 15 minute or 20 minute maximum session.

Cyclone Sun Capsule - Stand Up:

Stand-up booth tanning that’s fast and furious! Very High Reflector bronzing lamps with low 2% UVB deliver even browning 360 degrees around the body in 8 minutes. You are immersed in a tunnel of comfortable air from head to toe. Step into our Sun Capsule VHR HP booth and allow 50 full length 2% UVB (very low burn factor) - 220 watt VHR HP lamps tan you. 8 minute maximum tanning session.

Peacock - Stand Up:

The Magnum 32 Model wrap around Stand Up is great for people who enjoy a more flexible tanning configuration. It has 32-100 Watt lamps for a 15 minute maximum tanning session.

Ergoline Passion Bed - Bronzer:

The Ergoline Passion has plenty of UV performance in a compact shape and redefines the standard in it's class. With 34 low pressure lamps and available facial tanners which include a combination of 3 high pressure units with glass reflector technology and 2 spaghetti UV-B lamps, this unit is in a category by itself. In addition to it's awesome power, this sunbed's spectacular design is beautiful to look at from any angle. Maximum tanning comfort is guaranteed with an ergonomic Bodyform Plus base acrylic and the comfort cooling ventilation system sends a rush of fresh air to keep you cool.  15 minute maximum tanning session.