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Red-Light Therapy 
Red-Light Therapy penetrates to the bottom of the skin's dermis layer and into the subcutaneous fatty layer, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin proteins. ​ It increases the skin's metabolism of healthy oxygen and nutritional molecules. This gentle, yet extremely effective treatment is very beneficial as an anti-aging and skin rejuvenation tool and aids in fading sunspots and hyper pigmentation by stimulating the skin cells vitality and permeability. Red-Light Therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical face lift alternative, helping the skin maintain elasticity and firmness, while ​refining texture and smoothing lines and wrin​kles. ​ 

  Stimulation and regeneration of collagen and elastin skin proteins  
  Firms, tones and increases skin's elasticity
  Minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, deep furrows and crow's feet
  Improves skin tone and restores skin's clarity
  Activates and stimulates skin cell metabolic functions
  Improves acne prone skin  
  Reduces skin degradation  
  Helps irregular pigmentation
  Increases circulation
  Reduces brown age spots
  Reduces pore size and skin coarseness  
  Activates and stimulates skin cell metabolic functions 

People under the age of 18 can use Red-Light Therapy.

​**Northern Tropics Red-Light Therapy Disclaimer:  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailments.  Your actual results and experience may vary from those described herein.  The information provided herein is not intended to substitute for advice from your physician or health professionals.  You should always consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns prior to using such devices for the indications stated.**

The Commitment:  
In order to make the Red-Light Therapy effective, you will need to commit to at least 5 to 6 days per week of 20 minute sessions during the first month of treatment. During the second month, 3 to 4 times a week for 20 minute sessions is recommended. And as maintenance for the third month and beyond, 1 to 2 days per week at 20 minute sessions can usually suffice. For best results, clean skin will allow the best light transmission. This will allow the infrared light to penetrate your skin more efficiently.  Northern Tropics does have a skin care line called "Beauty with Light" specifically designed for use with Red-Light Therapy units.  Our starter kits start at $60.00.  

Our introductory monthly membership for 30 sessions starts at $100.00.  Second month maintenance package for 16 sessions is $55.00, and the third month and beyond maintenance package of 8 sessions is $30.00.  Or save $25.00, and purchase the full three month package of 54 sessions for only $160.00.  One session of Red-Light Therapy will be available for $15.00.  Appointments for all sessions will be required.

Additional Information About Red-Light Therapy That May Be Of Interest: 
Can I tan and use Red-Light Therapy the same day?  Yes. It is recommended that Red-Light be used before tanning, since the Red-Light Therapy brings blood to the surface of your skin and produces a better tan through increased oxidation of melanin. It is also recommend to use Red Light Therapy before your Mystic UV-Free Spray tan session to help with the absorption of the sunless solution.

Prescription Drugs: If you are using prescription drugs, check with your physician or pharmacist for
possible changes in the drug's effect due to an interaction with infrared energy.

Certain Ailments: According to some authorities, it is considered inadvisable to raise the core
temperature of someone with adrenal suppression, systemic lupus erythematosus, or multiple sclerosis.

Joint Problems: If a person has a recent (acute) joint injury, it should not be heated for the first 48 hours
or until the hot and swollen symptoms subside. Joints that are chronically hot and swollen may respond
poorly to vigorous heating of any kind. Vigorous heating is strictly contraindicated in cases of enclosed
infections be they dental, in joints, or in any other tissues.

Pregnancy: In pregnancy or the suspicion of pregnancy, discontinuation of use is recommended.

Surgical Implants: Metal pins, rods, artificial joints, or any other surgical implants generally reflect
infrared rays and are not heated by an infrared heat system. Nevertheless, a person should consult his or
her surgeon before receiving such therapy. Certainly infrared therapy must be discontinued if a person
experiences pain near any implants.

Silicone: Silicone does absorb infrared energy. Implanted silicone or silicone prostheses for nose or ear
replacement may be warmed by infrared rays. Since silicone melts at over 200 degrees Celsius, it should
not be adversely affected by an infrared heat system, however. It is still advised that a person checks with
his or her surgeon, and possibly a representative of the product manufacturer, to be certain.

Menstruation: Heating of the low-back area of women during the menstrual period may temporarily
increase menstrual flow. Once a woman is aware that this is occurring, she can choose to allow herself to
experience this short-term effect without worry. 

Haemorrhage: Haemophiliacs and anyone predisposed to haemorrhage should avoid infrared usage or
any type of heating that would induce vasodilatation that can lead to the tendency to bleed.
Worsened Condition: Should any condition worsen with the use of an infrared heat system, the use of
the system should be discontinued.

Pain: Pain should not be experienced when using an infrared heat system. If one does, the use of radiant
heat is clearly inappropriate for the person at that time.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Red-Light Therapy, please visit the FAQs tab.